The Awakening

venue: Piekarnia – Centre for Performing Arts, ul. Księcia Witolda 62-70
date: Sunday, 26 March, 20:00
duration: 1 h 30 min, no intermission
tickets: 45 PLN

Emose Uhunmwangho, Anna Zubrzycki and Ewa Głowacka-Fierek with the ensemble: female energy, community and joy in songs and stories

text: Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho, musical direction: Ewa Głowacka-Fierek, music: vocals – Ewa Głowacka-Fierek, piano pieces – Larysa Fierek, visuals: paintings by Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho

performers: Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho, Anna Zubrzycki, Ditte Berkeley, Ewa Głowacka-Fierek, Larysa Fierek, Jan Skopowski

production: Marta Dzwonkowska

Dziwożona, divażena, diva: a woman who is not afraid to be herself. Beautiful, free of stereotypes, age and time. Wild.

Folklore depicted dziwożonas as ugly, hunchbacked women with long, tangled hair who kidnapped girls and young married women. Into the forest, into the field, into the rain, into silence, into screaming. They kidnapped and freed them – from time, from the fear of their inner power. They transformed the girls into free, wild women, proud of every scar, every grey hair, enjoying their bodies.

The ensemble was born out of a need for community, freedom, joy, for being here and now in spite of everything… out of a need to get to know the world and its perversions and to be amazed by its beauty. The artists’ main inspiration is the figure of Hildegard of Bingen, visionary, mystic, composer, religious reformer, a woman of many talents who healed with sound, painting, food and herbs.

This concert – or perhaps feast? – is an invitation to the inner gardens where the magic happens. It is a story of youthful old age, of learning to love oneself the hard way, of youth where the wisdom of the ancestors dwells.

The concert was created as part of the “Błaźnice” project – Anna Zubrzycki’s artistic residency at the Theatre Museum, thanks to the support of the City of Wrocław.

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