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The Canon of Stage Songs

The canon of stage songs has probably always existed, but – like Molière’s Mr. Jourdain who had no idea that he was speaking in prose – participants or laureates of the Song Interpretation Contest were never aware that they were singing songs that belonged to The Canon.

Therefore, we decided to suggest repertoire proposals to participants of the Contest.

We have introduced the Canon because we care for the repertoire level of the Contest and we respect the tradition of the Festival. The Canon also places the idea of the Contest in appropriate and characteristic stylistic area.

Therefore, we have introduced the provision that at least one of the three songs prepared for the preliminaries should be chosen from the legacy of the following artists:

Jacques Brel
Bertolt Brecht
Nick Cave
Leonard Cohen
Serge Gainsbourg
Jonasz Kofta
Wojciech Młynarski
Czesław Niemen
Agnieszka Osiecka
Edith Piaf
Jeremi Przybora
Jerzy Wasowski
Tom Waits
Kurt Weill
Vladimir Vysotsky


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