About The Festival

The 43rd Stage Song Review will take place from 24 March to 2 April 2023.

This year’s programme focuses on performances that address important issues from the perspective of individual experience.

The festival begins with a strong accent: 1989, directed by Katarzyna Szyngiera, the story of the fall of communism, weaving historical events with the personal experiences of three families: Wałęsa, Frasyniuk and Kuroń. The show is filled with rap music, which opens up space for intergenerational conversation.

King Size, directed by Christoph Marthaler, is an invitation to observe human relationships. Filled with absurd humour, this musical by the famous playwright takes a tender look at human frailty in the micro-world of a hotel room.

Kora and Ofra Haza, the protagonists of Kora. Boska by Katarzyna Chlebny and I’m Alive! by Magdalena Miklasz, face the question of the ultimate – each in their own way. Female identity is also the theme of Awakening, a show featuring, among others, Emose Uhunmwangho and Anna Zubrzycki, and Renata Przemyk’s concert Vera is me. Awakening tells a story about the need for community, the strength that comes from it and the power of nature. Renata Przemyk will also sing about this.

An essential part of each edition of the Festival is the Song Interpretation Contest. At the beginning of February, the Artistic Council selects the participants for the second stage in the qualifying rounds, which are not open to the public.
They will sing in front of the Festival audience in the Contest’s second stage on 25 March. The finalists selected on that day will perform in the first part of the Finale concert. Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk and Grzegorz Mazoń are the hosts of the Contest. The jury consisting of Ralph Kaminski, Anna Kazejak, Filip Łobodziński, Krzysztof Mieszkowski and Joanna Duda will evaluate the finalists on 31 March.
The second part of the final concert is a recital by Lena Witkowska, winner of the Golden Toucan, the Journalists’ Toucan and the Toucan of the Audience 2022.

The Gala Concert is also a highly anticipated event. This year the Gala will be directed by Marcin Liber. During the concert, featuring songs by Jacek Budyń Szymkiewicz, the following artists will perform: Jacek Beler, Rafał Derkacz, Ralph Kaminski, Tomasz Leszczyński, Marta Malikowska, Katarzyna Pietruska, Bartosz Porczyk, Albert Pyśk, Helena Sujecka, Emose Uhunmwangho, Klaudia Waszak and Cezary Studniak. The musical director is Marcin Macuk.

During the 43rd Stage Song Review there will be no shortage of premieres. Actors and actresses from Capitol and Improkracja will perform Impro-Musical: “………………………..”, full of humour and lively songs. L.U.C. will perform together with the Rebel Babel Ensemble in a concert combining elements of hip-hop, jazz, world music and a circus show with visuals generated by AI.

There will also be premieres of nine productions in The Off Stream and the aforementioned concert by Renata Przemyk. The festival will close with a performance by Tomek Lipiński & Guests, the premiere of the new jubilee concert tour “It Will Be Beautiful Again”.

The author of this year’s poster is Damian Styrna, graphic artist and theatre set designer, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, and author of numerous sets and visuals for concerts, theatre performances and television productions.


The festival is devoted entirely to the art of song in the theatre. Today, on stage – not only musical but also, and perhaps above all, in a dramatic theatre – the song is no longer just an addition. This is a legitimate way of presenting creative thought, sometimes more important than the spoken word. To watch how music and word complement each other and co-create a new quality is the core sense of the Wrocław festival.

The festival first appeared on the Polish cultural scene over 40 years ago. It is one of the few Polish festivals of such importance and long traditions. The form of the festival has expanded in the recent years, becoming an increasingly international event, therefore gaining a wider audience. Each year here in Wroclaw, we host many celebrities and the most prominent Polish theatre and song artists, many of whom made their debut during the previous editions of the Review.

They have one thing in common: charisma in the interpretation of songs. So far, we have hosted in Wrocław, among others: Benjamin Clementine, Jamie Cullum, Laurie Anderson, Marianne Faithfull, Nick Cave, Patricia Kaas, The Tiger Lillies, Antony (and the Johnsons), Gogol Bordello, Amanda Palmer, The Magnets, Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard, John Cale, Mark Lanegan, as well as the legendary Berliner Ensemble with Robert Wilson’s The Threepenny Opera, Christoph Marthaler’s Fruchtfliege from the Volksbuehne Theater or Vladimir Pankov War Chekhov International Theater Festival and Edinburgh International Festival in cooperation with SounDrama Studio).

The Wrocław Community finances the festival.
The Organiser of the festival is the Capitol Musical Theater in Wroclaw.

Artistic Director: Cezary Studniak
Chief Producer: Paweł Krupski
Artistic Council: Maja Kleszcz, Justyna Szafran, Konrad Imiela, Mariusz Kiljan, Michał Litwiniec, Krzysztof Mieszkowski, Jerzy Satanowski, Bogusław Sobczuk


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