About The Festival

The 41st Stage Songs Review will be held on June 11-20, 2021. We managed to keep most of the concerts from last year’s program. Tickets are on sale from May 22nd, online access codes – from May 24th.

Kovacs, hailed by media as the Dutch Amy Winehouse, has a raw-toned voice, unconventional appearance, and each of her concerts is a real show of vocal abilities.
Pussy Riot – loud in form, strong in views, and expressive in content, they pay a very high price for their public activity in their home country and abroad.
Renata Przemyk, one of the most charismatic Polish singers, will sing in duets with men: Adam Nowak, Czesław Mozil, John Porter, and others.
Mary Komasa is the voice of the generation of today’s 30-year-olds, she sings about matters affecting hundreds of thousands of girls and women, and yet distances herself from mass popularity.
Magda Kumorek – actress and singer, will appear in a new, solo project: these are elegant texts and compositions about the condition of a contemporary female artist, for voice and piano.
Ivo Dimchev, a Bulgarian performer and choreographer, composer and singer, winner of international awards, respected educator, and promoter of young art, alludes to queer aesthetics, yet not unambiguously. He has an unusual voice timbre and impressive vocal skills.
Salvador Sobral from Portugal, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, returned to the stage after a heart transplant and sings the apotheosis of life, joy, and hope.
The performance “Be like Beata” with songs by Beata Kozidrak from the Współczesny Theater in Szczecin proves that (at least in the theater) anything is possible – even the most inconspicuous retired policeman, nun or the owner of a kebab bistro can “be like Beata”.
“Golden Rock. A Tale of Robert Brylewski ”, from Teatr Studio, is a story about the godfather of Polish punk, which becomes an opportunity to pose elementary questions about one’s own life choices. “God! Homeland! – What Homeland? ” is a concert with poetry about Poland, recited by actors – masters of words, and sung by young singers.
There are also last year’s graduation performances of theater schools: “The Arrival”, directed by Wojciech Kościelniak, “Constellations with Saints, or The Paintings’ Conversations” directed by Agata Dudy-Gracz from Warsaw Theater Academy, and “Other People”, directed by Maciej Stuhr, from the Wrocław branch of Theater Academy in Cracow.
Without major changes, we will present the most electrifying concerts of the festival: the Final of the Actor’s Song Interpretation Competition and the Gala. The Final Concert consists of two parts. The first part of the concert – performances by the finalists – will be directed by Paweł Palcat. In the second part, Ralph Kaminski will perform with songs by Kora. The Gala Concert entitled “A Medley of Love Songs” is directed by Jan Klata.

New web address

The festival’s website is also changing: you can now find us at ppa.teatr-capitol.pl. The festival is organized by the Capitol Musical Theater in Wrocław, and the patron is the City of Wrocław.

The Song Interpretation Contest

The contest consists of three stages. During the first two, singers are assessed by The Artistic Council:  Maja Kleszcz, Justyna Szafran, Konrad Imiela, Mariusz Kiljan, Michał Litwiniec, Krzysztof Mieszkowski, Jerzy Satanowski, Bogusław Sobczuk. The third stage’s jury will include: Anna Gacek – music journalist, Renata Przemyk – vocalist, Justyna Szafran – actress, Marcin Liber – director and Jacek “Budyń” Szymkiewicz – musician.

The Off Contest

Seven performances were selected in the script competition, however, due to force majeure, one of them (PRAYERS) is rescheduled for the next edition of the festival.

Frequently Asked Questions. The Drag Queen Revue

Bronisław Piłsudski Was Here. A Wax Cylinder Musical

PRAYERS (of those who don’t pray) rescheduled for 2022

The Square

The Walls Scream or The Street Song

Death of A Squirrel-Man

White Rag

The Off Contest is held for the fifteenth time, during each edition of the festival viewers can watch from six to twelve off performances. Tickets for these performances cost 1 PLN. The authors of the projects receive funding and production support, and the best performance is awarded with the Toucan Off statuette and a prize of PLN 10,000.

In this edition, the Off Jury will include: Agata Saraczyńska – journalist, Filip Zawada – writer, musician, photographer, Grzegorz Laszuk – director – leader of Komuna Warszawa, and Tomasz Leszczyński – actor, musician.


This is probably the only festival in the world devoted entirely to the art of song in the theater. Today, on stage – not only musical, but also, and perhaps above all, in a dramatic theater – the song is no longer just an addition. This is a legitimate way of presenting creative thought, sometimes more important than the spoken word. To watch how music and word complement each other and co-create a new quality is the core sense of the Wrocław festival.

The festival first appeared on the Polish cultural scene over 40 years ago. It is one of the few Polish festivals of such importance and long traditions. The form of the festival has expanded in the recent years, becoming an increasingly international event, therefore gaining a wider audience. Each year here in Wroclaw, we host many celebrities, as well as the most prominent Polish theatre and song artists, many of whom made their debut during the previous editions of the Review.

They have one thing in common: charisma in the interpretation of songs. So far, we have hosted in Wrocław, among others: Jamie Cullum, Laurie Anderson, Marianne Faithfull, Nick Cave, Patricia Kaas, The Tiger Lillies, Antony (and the Johnsons), Gogol Bordello, Amanda Palmer, The Magnets, Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard, John Cale, Mark Lanegan, as well as the legendary Berliner Ensemble with Robert Wilson’s The Threepenny Opera, Christoph Marthaler’s Fruchtfliege  from the Volksbuehne Theater or Vladimir Pankov War Chekhov International Theater Festival and Edinburgh International Festival in cooperation with SounDrama Studio).

The festival is financed by the Wrocław Community.
The Organizer of the festival is the Capitol Musical Theater in Wroclaw.



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