I Am Alive!

venue: The Academy of Theatre Arts, ul. Braniborska 59
date: Wednesday, 29 March, 20:00
duration: 2 h, no intermission
tickets: 30 PLN
for audiences 16+
very loud sounds

Ofra Haza, an Israeli singer who died of AIDS, goes to heaven. A musical full of absurd humour raises questions about ultimate matters. The graduation performance of the Department of Puppetry students

author: Łukasz Zaleski, director: Magdalena Miklasz, set design: Adrianna Duda, puppets: Kinga Melka, costumes: Kinga Grzywacz, music and arrangements: Hubert Walkowski, choreography: Zbigniew Karbowski, lighting: Monika Stolarska, assistant to the director: Zofia Pinkiewicz, pedagogical supervision of the set design: Mateusz Mirowski, musical direction: Sebastian Ładyżyński

cast: Magdalena Dudek, Gabriela Gola, Aleksandra Kołtuniak, Karolina Pawlak, Gabriela Szymczak, Ewa Wyględowska, Michał Remiszewski, Szymon Stęchły, Adrian Wiśniewski

producer: Joanna Śliwa

There was a time when the whole world knew and loved her voice. After her success in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1983, Ofra Haza recorded many hits, collaborated with great composers and outshone the stars of the fashion world with her beauty.

Chance (fate? God?) took it all away. She died of AIDS in 2000 and made it to heaven of eternal Eurovision and backstage parties rocked by Freddie Mercury. Well, at least in the show of Wrocław puppetry students.

“I’m alive!’ is an invitation to a fantasy world where facts and dreams intertwine, where you don’t know what’s real and what’s an after-drugs illusion.

Strobe lights, smoke, loud music and a question that can end any discussion with a fight: is heaven for everyone?

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