Impro-Musical: ”………………………..”

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Ciśnień, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Friday, 24 March, 18:00 and 20:30
duration: 1 h 15 min, no intermission
tickets: 50 PLN

Premiere of the improvised musical with Capitol’s and Improkracja’s actresses and actors

Director: Artur Jóskowiak, Anna Wojtkowiak-Williams
Music direction: Jakub Tarka
Choreographic consultations: Barbara Olech

Helena Sujecka, Agnieszka Oryńska-Lesicka, Joanna Jóskowiak, Natalia Cyran, Krzysztof Suszek, Tomasz Leszczyński, Piotr Zdebski, Artur Jóskowiak
Katarzyna Pietruska, Justyna Antoniak, Anna Wojtkowiak-Williams, Natalia Cyran, Michał Gruz, Tomasz Marcinko, Albert Pyśk, Rafał Derkacz

Impro-Musical: “………………………” is an energetic comedy with improvised songs and great fun. The audience can watch the creative process from the beginning, from the first thought to the final result – dialogues and scenes.

With the blank space in the title, we invite the audience to co-create the show. We will play according to the audience’s suggestions and wishes, and the spectators will choose the title after watching our show.

We will perform without a script or prior preparation of characters. All the songs – music and lyrics – will also be improvised.

Every night, the audience will watch a different show, played for the first and last time. An improvised scene cannot repeat itself!

Improkracja is one of the oldest improv theatres in Poland, active in Wrocław for over 12 years. It has become a prominent part of the city’s comedy scene. Since 2019, it has been coworking with the Capitol Musical Theatre, presenting a series of improv shows “Mów coś, śpiewaj!” (“Speak up, sing something!”).

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