L.U.C. & Rebel Babel Ensemble: Dialogue 2

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Big Stage, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Monday, 27 March, 20:00
duration: 1h 15 min, no intermission
tickets: 80, 70 PLN
for audiences 16+

The launch of the artist’s new album. Hip-hop, jazz, world music and a circus show plus visuals generated by artificial intelligence

written and directed by: Łukasz L.U.C. Rostkowski

Łukasz Rostkowski
Renata Przemyk
Adi  Nowak
Dawid Zły
Patryk Wójcicki

Rebel Babel Ensemble orchestra:
Paweł Hulisz
Mateusz Mendyka
Bartosz Niebielecki
Hubert Radoszko
Adam Caturian
Marcin Wołowiec
Mateusz Leszczyński
Piotr Hałaj

Paula Bryjka
Marta Kowalewska
Marcin Janiak

Maja Lewicka – choreography
Maciej Jakimiuk – sound
Radosław Deruba – VJ

production: Klaudia Korczak
PPA production: Karolina Gonera

Led by the indestructible L.U.C., the Rebel Babel Ensemble bridges cultures and makes dreams come true. The live version of the album “Dialogue 1” was transformed into a speeding multicultural vehicle, with more than eleven thousand (!) musicians from sixteen countries embarking on a festival journey across Europe and the USA.

The continuation of this epic concept, Dialogue 2, mixes genres and disregards styles, celebrates the idea of peace, dialogue and cultural diversity with similar eagerness.

The stage is a circus tent now, and the leading sensation is dancing eyes (and ears!). L.U.C. combines music from the retro jukebox with electronica, rap, folk, jazz and images generated by artificial intelligence (welcome to the world of postmodernism on steroids).

Lyrics describe different points of view on the problems of the contemporary world. As we all know, the world constantly needs a diagnosis, a cure and… some irreverence.

So: performers and acrobats, jaw-dropping stunts and parade trumpets. A cross-national, cross-generational and cross-genre gathering in an unlimited orchestra of languages.

rebelbabel @l.u.c.official @renataprzemykofficial @adi_nowak @nullizmatyk_15
#rebelbabel #luc #eluce #renataprzemyk #adinowak #nullo #nullizmatyk


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