w.a.s.o.w.s.k.i / FOTOPLASTIKON

Teatr Collegium Nobilium

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Ciśnień, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 21 March (Thursday) 2024, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 1h 15 min
tickets: 40 zł

script, direction: Ewa Konstancja Bułhak, arrangements, music direction: Olga Lisiecka, choreography: Patrycja Grzywińska, set design, costumes: Kamila Bukańska, sound direction: Miłek Smyl, light direction: Karolina Gębska

Karolina Gwóźdź – Julia, Olga Lisiecka – Lucy, Mary Pawłowska –Leaving, Wojciech Melzer – Gustaw, Tomasz Osica – Torrero, Mikołaj Śliwa – Tolo

PPA production: Karolina Wawrzyńczak

Jerzy Wasowski – which we sometimes forget in the face of the legendary Old Timers’ Cabaret (Kabaret Starszych Panów) – was not only a writing partner with Jeremi Przybora.
The brilliant composer was also an actor, radio presenter, engineer, sound engineer, Polish Radio journalist and teacher, and had worked with the paramount artists of pre- and post-war Poland.
The title of the performance comes from a song written for Hanna Skarżanka for the Szpak Cabaret. As in a Fotoplastikon, each melody reveals a different image to the viewer/listener and often comes with a surprise.
So here he is: Wasowski the famous (because the show is essentially his greatest hits) and at the same time less so (because no one has ever performed the songs of Przybora, Młynarski and Brok a capella, with just make-up, monochrome costumes and elaborate choreography as the only theatrical context).
“I have been fascinated by Master Wasowski for years, but this work is special. I decided to tell stories with the Master’s songs using only one instrument: the human voice, its sound and power”, says Ewa Konstancja Bułhak. “We want to talk about love, passion and hope. We invite you to a world of quality and tenderness. A sensibility that makes our presence on stage meaningful”.

fot. Kamila Szcześniak

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