Milk in a Tube – About Childhood in the 1990s

Analog Collective

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Acting Rehersal Room(4th floor), ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 24 March (Sunday) 2024,17:00 i 20:00
duration: 1h 30 min
tickets: 40 zł

script: Agata Biziuk i Anna Domalewska, direction: Agata Biziuk, music: Grzegorz Rdzak, choreography: Krystyna Lama Szydłowska, set design and costumes: Maks Mac

PPA production: Karolina Wawrzyńczak

The 1990s. The first decade of freedom, new beginnings, a crazy time of change, big problems, and transformational challenges. Miracle workers, hucksters, and telesales. It was also a time of opportunities. Of the chances to start afresh. It was a time when Rafał, Miłosz, Malwina, Marek and Iza had to grow up and discover their individuality. “Milk in a Tube” brings together, as if through a lens, the greatest curiosities of the Polish transformation – the enthusiasm for the West and, on the other hand, the helplessness of our society in the face of the opportunities it has been given. The artists delve into the sweet and sour memories that once filled their reality. It is a personal story in the shadow of hope, uncertainty and controversial parenting methods. The actors argue with the figures of their parents, who, unlike Generation Y, associated adulthood with a steady job, starting a family and the need for stability. Is the new always better? Or has nothing changed, and we still repeat the mistakes of our ancestors? With the childhood objects on display, the show balances between exhibition and documentary. The artists take us on a journey through time and confront us with what has shaped us – today’s adults.

fot. Michał Wiraszka

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