The Finale Concert

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Big Stage, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 23 March (Saturday) 2024, 16:00 and 20:30
tickets: 190, 160, 120 zł

The two parts of the Finale Concert are performed both at 16:00 and 20:30.
The 20:30 concert ends with the award ceremony.

Part I: The finale of The Song Interpretation Contest

set design, costumes, dolls: GRUPA MIXER
light design: Mateusz Sikora
compositions/ arrangaments/ music direction: Adam Lepka

the finale of the contest will be led by Maciej Maciejewski and Mikołaj Woubishet

PPA production: Agnieszka Kozak

The names of the finalists will be announced on Friday 15 March late evening
The finalists will be evaluated by a jury consisting of Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska, Dorota Pomykała, Katarzyna Szyngiera, Mariusz Kiljan i Marcin Macuk.

The awards:
Grand Prix – the Golden Toucan statuette and 25,000 zlotys,
The Toucan of the Journalists,
The Toucan of the Audience,
The ZAiKS Authors’ Association Award for the best performance of a Polish song – 10,000 zlotys
The Polish-German Cultural Society Polonica Award – 4,000 zlotys and an invitation to the next edition of the Rock & Chanson Festival in Cologne,
The Museum of Polish Song in Opole Award – a recording studio session,
The Monika Jaworska Award – a statuette and Tour de RAM: participation in selected programmes and podcasts of Radio RAM,
Media and Art Foundation Award – 5.000 zlotys for promotional activities in media.

This evening will also feature the awards ceremony for the Off Contest and The Master Diploma of the Aleksander Bardini Chapter.

Part II: Top of All Time or Quest for an Eagle’s Shadow

Idea, concept: Magdalena Miklasz
direction: Aneta Groszyńska
dramaturgy: Łukasz Zaleski
set design, costumes, dolls: GRUPA MIXER
light design: Mateusz Sikora
compositions/ arrangaments/ music direction: Adam Lepka

PPA production: Agnieszka Kozak

Katarzyna Pietruska
Rafał Derkacz
Krzysztof Suszek
Filip Niżyński
Emose Uhunmwangho
Justyna Wasilewska
Sambor Dudziński
Michał Szpak

Nylon jackets, marbled jeans, American TV series about teenagers, chemical flavours in drinks and candy bars – we are now so enthusiastic about the nineties that it is hard to imagine a situation where all this suddenly disappears. Even a part of it: Polish music from those years.
Could you picture it? A world without all those iconic songs?
Exactly this happens in the show “Top of All Time” – erasure, riddance, auto-da-fé – and all thanks to… Marek Niedźwiecki.
“Top of All Time” is a journey to a world where the word “hope” was used in every sentence, where we believed that we could do something together, collectively. It is a reconstruction of events under the motto “Let’s Make Polish Music Great Again”.

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