Mariusz Kiljan: Anywhere / Grechuta-themed Vibes

venue: Polish Theatre, Scena Kameralna, ul. Świdnicka 28
date: 22 March (Friday) 2024, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 60 min
tickets: 60 zł

director: Mariusz Kiljan, music direction- Remigiusz Hadka, set design: Renata Kurczyńska

Mariusz Kiljan, Remigiusz Hadka, Michał Sosna, Patryk Bizukojc, Dawid Broszczakowski, Spacepierre

PPA production: Paweł Krupski

Always asking – where are we headed?
Where’s the truth, the salt of the earth?
Always asking – how to lose
All the sorrow, tears and pain?
Grasping clear and sudden thoughts
Searching where the light is bright
In your eyes, two little sparks
Spell the road, mark the path
O, our world…
(Marek Grechuta)

It is a fact, not an opinion, that the best singer of the songs of Marek Grechuta was Marek Grechuta himself.
But in addition to devout reverence, these songs deserve a second, third and many more lives.
fot. CK Studio Krzysztof Citak
Mariusz Kiljan sings other people’s songs – that is the idea of the stage song! – telling his own stories. He follows the footsteps of the master but does not imitate him. He “borrows” words and melodies and, with his band, gives them a modern, daring form.

And this is what he says about his reasons for embarking on this journey on the Krakow-Wroclaw-Wherever route: “Everywhere in the world we are born, and we die, we miss, and we love, sometimes we are happy, and then we suffer, we cry, and we laugh. All over the world and sometimes as far away from people as possible. There are days when we cannot live without other people, and sometimes only nature can soothe our pain.
That is true everywhere and for every one of us. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everywhere and anywhere at the same time. Anywhere in the world and anywhere in us”.

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