Karolina Czarnecka: Freak Show

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Big Stage, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 20 March (Wednesday) 2024, 19:00
duration: 1h 15 min
tickets: 80, 70 zł
profanity, smoke

Karolina Czarnecka with the band and guests : Małgorzata Ostrowska, O.S.T.R., Wrona

The concert is organized by Fundacja Się Tworzy
Producer: Ewelina Krawczyk

PPA production: Karolina Gonera

Contemporary witch and sensitive feminist. Musical artist, rapper, performer and actress. She has created three music albums, a platform for teenage girls called CÓRY (DAUGHTERS) and several activist concert actions.
She co-created – and the names speak for themselves – the theatre and cabaret group Pożar w Burdelu (Fire in the Brothel), the feminist punk band Żelazne Waginy (The Iron Vaginas) and the women’s Gang Śródmieście (The Downtown Gang) roaming Warsaw. She has appeared in films, TV series and dubbing.

Poland heard her in 2014, when she sang “Hera koka hasz LSD” (“Heroin and Cocaine” by The Tiger Lillies) at the Stage Songs Review. Thanks to the beautiful and dangerous property of the Internet, where nothing is lost, the song became a virtual hit on Polish public television at a time when it would not have been possible in real life. The question “What’s the deal with heroin and cocaine?” has been bothering Polish internet users for years. With this in mind, Karolina launched another project in 2023, The Cyber Séance, asking: “To web or not to web?”.

The séance continues. The fans/users of the web have already seen two parts/seasons – Wyspa Spam (Spam Island) and Dno (The Bottom). The third and last part is the Mother.
The stage is full of curiosities: The Sick Artist, the Oldest Musician in the World, the Nerd Woman, the Heterosexual Man Who Cries and her – the protagonist of the story, the Curiosity.

fot. Maria Biel

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