Kumbia Mać

venue: Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, The Festival Club, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 18 March 2022, 21:30
tickets: 20 PLN
after the concert: DJ Endless

Whatever happens, a song, tequila and dance are good for everything. Europeans from between the Oder and Bug rivers share this thought with inhabitants of South America. The only difference? The cactus vodka is less popular here than the potato one. Other differences, including cultural ones, are rather illusory.

Kumbia Mać are ten people from five different countries: Chile, Poland, Spain, France and recently also from Cuba. An international singing, instrumental and dance collective (with an emphasis on the latter, as it is about healthy recreation with the participation of the audience) exists since 2015.

Here are friends who play cumbia together – music created in the Caribbean coast of Colombia from the musical and cultural connection of indigenous people, slaves from Africa, and Spaniards of the colonial era.

Kumbia Mać played their first concert at the Elite Spanish Bookstore in Wrocław, but their specialty is open air or premises with a large and possibly durable dance floor. The band is well known to the regulars of Polish club stage.

Juan Carlos Hechavarria “Juanky” – vocal
Maciej Blejzing – trombone
Dawid Rejniak – trumpet
Paweł Lemanski – piano / saxophone
Laurent Pardon – guitar
Oriol Campos – bass
Osmar Pegudo – percussion instruments
Darek Mikłasz – percussion instruments
Carlos Fuente – percussion instruments

producers: Michał Litwiniec, Filip Surowiak

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