venue: Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, The Festival Club, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 23 March 2022, 22:30
tickets: 20 PLN
after concert: DJ Balkan Valkan

There is a method in this madness” (JazzPress)
Example of a total merger” (Polityka)
Summary of the revolution in Polish folk” (Gazeta Wyborcza)

Odpoczno is the group of artists from various musical worlds: from folk through jazz and free improvisation to rock alternative and electronic club music. They were united by their fascination with music from the Opoczno area, in the 16th century the royal city in the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, currently the seat of the urban-rural municipality in the Łódź province, located on the Drzewiczka River at the edge of the Przedborska Upland. The purpose of the meeting was clearly defined: to create a synthesis of tradition with the sounds of the modern world.

Marcin Lorenc, a student of Tadeusz Kubiak, the oberek master from Łęczyca, plays the violin; Joanna Szczęsnowicz sings; Piotr Gwadera of L.Stadt band with finesse uses dżaz – a primitive drum set consisting only of a snare, cymbal and bass drum (central), while Marek Kądziela plays folk themes on an electric guitar (which he reportedly hated as a child).

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Producers: Michał Litwiniec, Filip Surowiak

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