After the worlds. Poświatowska for the Stroh violin (accompanying event)

venue: Lower Silesian Film Center, Piłsudskiego 64a
date: 15 June2021, 19:00
duration: 60 min
tickets: 25 zlotys, at the Lower Silesian Film Center

cast: Emose Uhunmwangho – vocal, Beata Wołczyk – Stroh violin, Emilia Danilecka – Stroh cello, Joanna Trzaska – Stroh cello, Dariusz Wołczyk – Stroh viola, Piotr Hałaj – tuba, sousaphone, bells

The audience of The Stage Songs Review will probably remember well the performance “The Fairy-Tale Stroh Violins”, which won the Toucan of the Off Audience and for which Emose Katarzyna Uhunmwangho received the Jury Off award at the 40th edition of the festival. Now Emose Uhunmwngho and Stroh violins return with a new, original project carried out in cooperation with the Lower Silesian Film Center.

In “After the worlds. Poświatowska for the Stroh violin”, the somewhat forgotten poetry of Halina Poświatowska resounds in musical arrangements. The content of the poems is completely stripped of pathos. Poświatowska who lived thirty-two years spent almost twenty in hospitals. It was in one of the hospitals in Krakow where the local professor noticed the talent of the patient, and following the discovery, he brought Wisława Szymborska to her.

It is a story about love and death, but most of all about the need to enjoy the life given to us. The wisdom and beauty of everyday experiences are emphasized by unusual instruments: the Stroh violin, tuba, sousaphone, and bells. The quintet is made up of graduates of music academies: Beata Wołczyk, Emilia Danilecka, Joanna Trzaska, Dariusz Wołczyk, and Piotr Hałaj.

We invite you to a unique meeting with Poświatowska’s poetry, the phenomenal voice of Emose Uhunmwangho, and the unique sound of the Stroh violin. The event will be accompanied by paintings and graphic projections created especially for this occasion by the artist.

The project is funded by a scholarship from the City of Wrocław.

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