venue: Impart, Courtyard Stage, ul. Mazowiecka 17
date: 12 June 2021, 21:00
duration: ca 70 min
tickets: 30 zlotys


cast: Natalia Sikora – vocal, Radek Rutkowski – bass, Jacek Talaga – guitar, Dariusz Sowik – keys, Michał Sosna – sax, Jarosław Flaga – percussion

producer: Grażyna Górka

The vocal and instrumental elements meet on stage. The base of their emotional interactions is lyrics by Piotr Wojciechowski, the founder of the Gliwice Tattoo Museum, co-founder of the “Monitoring Theater” in Jastrzębie, and the legend of the tattoo world.

“The Plebeian Ballads” (“Ballady Plebejskie”) by HUNCWOT are a synthesis of the street noise, against which the adventures of symbolic heroes take place. The band invites us to a street, a prison, a bar, to a town festival. The music eludes unambiguous definitions, oscillating between punk and jazz, and prog-rock. This is the job of the rebellious Silesians. The vocalist and main narrator of the project is Natalia Sikora, an actress working with theatres in Warsaw: Polonia, Och Teatr, SOHO, winner of the 26th Stage Songs Review, winner of the second edition of “The Voice of Poland”, a titled and versatile artist.

photo: Huncwot

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