The finalists of the Song Interpretation Contest have been announced

The Artistic Council consisting of Maja Kleszcz, Justyna Szafran, Konrad Imiela, Mariusz Kiljan, Michał Litwiniec, Krzysztof Mieszkowski, Jerzy Satanowski and Bogusław Sobczuk has decided that the following participants have been qualified to the final of the Stage Interpretation contest of the 43. Stage Songs Review:

Krzysztof Drozdowski – Scena Supernova Theatre in Cracow, graduate of Music Academy in Cracow,

Maja Frejtag – Musical Study at Capitol Musical Theatre in Wrocław,

Marina Mashtaler – Ej. Aj Theatre,

Agata Siemaszko – folk and world music singer,

Olek Talkowski – graduate of Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, associated with Stu Theatre,

Jan Wieteska – Ateneum Theatre, Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw,

Wiktoria Wojtas – Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow,

Maria Wróbel – Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow.

We congratulate all the finalists!

On the 31 March, after the Finale Concert, the winners will be chosen by: Joanna Duda, Ralph Kaminski, Anna Kazejak, Filip Łobodziński i Krzysztof Mieszkowski.

The following prizes will be awarded:
Grand Prix – the Golden Toucan statuette and 25,000 zlotys,
The Toucan of the Journalists,
The Toucan of the Audience,
The ZAiKS Authors’ Association Award for the best performance of a Polish song – 10,000 zlotys
The German-Polish Cultural Society Polonica Award – 4,000 zlotys and an invitation to the next edition of the Rock & Chanson Festival in Cologne,
The Museum of Polish Song in Opole Award – a recording studio session,
The Monika Jaworska Award – a statuette and Tour de RAM: participation in selected programmes and podcasts of Radio RAM,
The Lower Silesia Film Centre Award – 6,000 zlotys for media promotion of the winner.

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