Daga Gregorowicz and Dana Vynnytska from Dagadana join Renata Przemyk

Two exceptional singers, Daga Gregorowicz and Dana Vynnytska, have just joined Renata Przemyk’s premiere concert „Vera is me” (Vera to ja) during the 43rd Stage Songs Review. On a daily basis, they form the band Dagadana, well known to the audience from Polish-Ukrainian compositions. The artists are inspired by the folk and ethnic culture of both countries, which can be heard in their works that border on jazz, electronics and world music.

Renata Przemyk’s concert „ Vera is me” will take place on the Big Stage of the Capitol Musical Theater on 26 March at 6 pm during the 43rd Stage Songs Review.

Renata Przemyk – vocals
Daga Gregorowicz – vocals
Dana Vynnytska – vocals
Piotr Wojtanowski – bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Tomasz Drozdek – percussion, wind and stringed instruments
Tomasz Waldowski – drums
Kamil Błoniarz – accordion
Jacek Bielecki – cello

Photo: Dominika Dyka



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