venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Restauracja, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 17 March (Sunday) 2024. 22:00
duration: 1h 10 min
tickets: 25 zł

DJ Karla will play after the concert

Basia Songin – vocal, Wilcze Basy, Sowa, frame drums, looper, Kasia Kapela – vocal, violin, kankles, frame drums, beatbox, Dobromiła Życzyńska – vocal, frame drums

PPA production: Michał Litwiniec

The Lithuanian word sutartines – Lithuanian, so historically and politically, if not linguistically, close – means polyphonic songs that women performed during household chores and rituals.
The Sutari trio draws on many sources, with a predominantly indigenous Polish one. But the voices of Basia, Kasia and Dobromila are exactly like Lithuanian sutartines: they weave together like a braid, a cloth, like sisterly love.

The ensemble – fortunately a permanent phenomenon on the Polish folk scene and our pride at international presentations – performs their own and traditional songs about nature, freedom and femininity. The artists experiment with vocal techniques, rhythms and sounds. They build their instruments (or adapt existing ones) and extract music from everyday objects. Once you hear Sutari, you will fall in love with their intertwined voices, like in the summer sky of Warmia reflected in a black lake.

fot. Iwona Bandzarewicz

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