Renata Przemyk and Men

venue: Impart, Courtyard Stage, ul. Mazowiecka 17
date: 16 czerwca 2021, 21:00
duration: 1 hour 30 min
tickets: 100 zlotys, streaming: 25 zlotys
Renata Przemyk and her special guests: Adam Nowak, Czesław Mozil, John Porter, Leski, Buslav 

band: Piotr Wojtanowski – bass, Piotr Bogutyn – guitars, Sławek Puka – percussion, Krzysztof Pająk – keyboards, Kamil Błoniarz – accordion

The best and most interesting songs of Renata Przemyk in specially arranged versions, in duets with Men.

The author and performer unchanging in her changeability, tireless seeker of forms and styles, consciously and artfully transforming the intimate into art that triggers emotions. Renata Przemyk, present in our ears, eyes and imagination for three decades, has invited Men on the stage on the occasion of the jubilee.

The idea is obvious like the status of the artist on the Polish artistic song stage: thirteen iconic songs in thirteen new arrangements, often significantly different from the originals. Prepared by representatives of the elite of the young generation of producers and authors, and sung by Renata Przemyk and gentlemen of all ages.

photo Sylwia Makris

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