Ivo Dimchev LIVE solo concert

venue: Bakery, ul. Księcia Witolda 62-67
date: 17 June 20210, 18:00
duration: ca 60 min
tickets: 60 zlotys, streaming: 15 zlotys


A colorful bird. Perhaps the most colorful of all we could admire in Wroclaw recently. Perhaps the most shocking in his incarnations, creations, and stage activities suggesting sexual transgression, and at the same time undeniably male even on the most ambivalent photographs.

The effort put into shaping the image cannot be underestimated, but the weapon that melts all hearts is the voice. Powerful, flexible, operatic, equally worthy of a diva and a tenor king.

If he were not a total performer, dancer, painter, and visual artist, but just (that’s good: “just”!) a singer, his beautiful songs, innocent in content and form, could be listened to everywhere by anyone without the risk of “moral trauma”, and even with amusement. The musical world of Ivo is a ballad with piano accompaniment, it is a transformation of a pop hit, with class added by a string quartet, brave coloratura at the top of the scale, and playful yodeling, with a pinch of electronic spice.

Everything is arranged as a sentimental story with a message fraught with consequences: under the mask of an eccentric, dressed, combed and hung with strange jewelry like King Xerxes in the movie “300”, there is a dreamer who urges you to go live in a fairy tale.

producer: Natalia Szlachtowicz

photo: artist’s material

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