OFF: Hildegard’s Meditations

venue: Firlej, ul. Grabiszyńska 56
date: Friday, 24 March, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 1 h, no intermission
tickets: 10 PLN
for audiences 12+
very loud sounds
participation in a lying position, with eyes blindfolded
please bring your own mat

A theatre experiment with the music of the medieval mystic and proto-feminist

Tomasz Orszulak: concept, direction, arrangements and compositions, sitar, guitar, live electronics, Dana Vynnytska: concept, arrangements and compositions, vocal, keyboard, other instruments, Cyprian Baszyński: trumpet, hulusi, other instruments, Ion Virlan: double bass, Michał Pękosz – handpans, hoop drums, percussion.
sound engineer: Szymon Tomczyk

producer: Grażyna Górka

The timeless compositions of Hildegard of Bingen, a medieval saint, poet, philosopher, herbalist and proto-feminist, become material for open interpretation. Is it possible to combine the medieval world of religious ecstasy with a contemporary relaxation concert?

The artists want to break the theatrical convention of watching the performers in the spotlights and surrounded by a set design.

– By forbidding the spectators to look, we want to draw their attention inwards. We want to help them experience sensations other than visual ones. The spectators will be asked to take a lying position. Each of them will be blindfolded in order to disconnect from visual stimuli – as these are the quickest way to activate the ego, to evaluate and judge. We are not interested in the glamour of the performers, but in the experience of the audience.

We propose a sound mystery in which hearing, touch and smell are the only forms of perception. The human ear will process the most beautiful of the arts – music – and the body will experience vibrations coming from low frequencies.

We plan to perform our ritual in a quadraphonic system. The sound will reach the audience from all sides, intensifying the feeling of being “inside” rather than “next to”.

@Sitartronic @Dana Vynnytska

Photo: Anastasiia Zazuliak


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