The Finale Concert

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Big Stage, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Friday, 31 March, 16:00 and 20:30
duration: ca. 3 h with one intermission
tickets: 190, 160, 120 PLN

The two parts of the Finale Concert are performed both at 16:00 and 20:30.
The 20:30 concert ends with the award ceremony.

producer of the Final Concert: Agnieszka Kozak

Part I: The finale of The Song Interpretation Contest

Written and hosted by: Anna Makowska Kowalczyk, Grzegorz Mazoń, Kazio Sponge
Set design: Mateusz Stępniak
Music direction: Łukasz Pospieszalski

Musicians: Łukasz Pospieszalski – piano, accordion, Piotr Budniak – drums, Maksymilian Mucha – bass guitar, double bass, Dariusz Wafeltowski – guitars, Szczepan Pospieszalski – trumpet, synthesizer

Production: Agnieszka Kozak

The names of the finalists will be announced on Saturday, 25 March.

The finalists will be evaluated by a jury consisting of Joanna Duda, Ralph Kaminski, Anna Kazejak, Filip Łobodziński and Krzysztof Mieszkowski.

The awards:
Grand Prix – the Golden Toucan statuette and 25,000 zlotys,
The Toucan of the Journalists,
The Toucan of the Audience,
The ZAiKS Authors’ Association Award for the best performance of a Polish song – 10,000 zlotys
The Polish-German Cultural Society Polonica Award – 4,000 zlotys and an invitation to the next edition of the Rock & Chanson Festival in Cologne,
The Museum of Polish Song in Opole Award – a recording studio session,
The Monika Jaworska Award – a statuette and Tour de RAM: participation in selected programmes and podcasts of Radio RAM,
The Lower Silesia Film Centre Award – 6,000 zlotys for media promotion of the winner.

This evening will also feature the awards ceremony for the Off Contest and The Master Diploma of the Aleksander Bardini Chapter.

Part II – Mixed States – Lena Witkowska nad Cruise band – Recital by the winner of the Golden Toucan, the Journalists’ Toucan and the Audience’s Toucan 2022

Direction and lighting direction: Michał Ana Nowicki
Cooperation with the script and the concept: Agnieszka Glińska
Interpretative cooperation: Halina Jarczyk
Set design: Monika Nyckowska
Costumes: Daria Krawczyk
Video and visuals: Jana Moroz

Lena Witkowska: singer, actress, songwriter
Piotr Śnieguła: electric guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet
Piotr Korzeniak: bass guitar, electronics
Daniel Mazurkiewicz: piano, electronics
Aleksander Kwietniak: baritone saxophone, clarinet, hurdy-gurdy,
Tomek Starowicz: drums

In the final of last year’s Song Interpretation Contest, Lena Witkowska sang her own ‘Psychoanalytic Song’ and Tom Waits’ ‘Clap Hands’ translated by Roman Kołakowski. And she hit the jackpot. She picked up three of the festival’s top prizes and an award from the German-Polish Cultural Society Polonica.

The jury of journalists praised “a return to the tradition of thoughtful acting, an insightful study of extreme mental states and creating two absolutely different stage characters”, and – paraphrasing the text of her song – thanked the artist on behalf of “all sensitive people who do not get along with the world (due to Jung)”.

Lena is returning to the Capitol’s Big Stage with the original musical and stage material, based on her own lyrics and selected works from poetry of Białoszewski, Kofta, Tuwim and Osiecka. This concert is a story about how many emotional states, contradictions, extreme conditions and seemingly opposing life strategies can be accommodated by one person. Lena, the singer, the visual artist, the performer, has been changing like in a kaleidoscope, asking the question, what it means in today’s world to “be yourself”.


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