John Grant

venue: Teatr Muzyczny Capitol, Duża Scena, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 20 March 2022, 18:00
duration: 70 min
tickets: 100, 80 PLN

Cast: John Grant (vocal, piano, keys) and Cormac Curran (multiinstrumentalist)

Producer: Marta Dzwonkowska

Once the leader of the American rock band The Czars. Today a bearded Icelandic with a cheerful look. And a recognized creator of European pop who tells his story knowing that he can save someone’s life: he is a sober drug addict and alcoholic, he is gay and an American who chose freedom and peace in Reykjavík.

Having settled down in the Land of Fire and Ice (where he does not feel judged and observed for the first time in his life), he has reached adulthood and harmony in his personal life, abandoned the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and talks about the country of childhood from a distance:

Beware, when you go out there
They’ll eat you alive if you don’t take care
They have different rules they’re using
The American Dream is not for weak soft-hearted fools

This is the refrain of the first and eponymous – so probably the most important – song from the latest album, “A Boy from Michigan”. Writing (more songs or poems?) Grant learned from great narrators and metaphorists: Dylan, Springsteen, Cohen. He likes picturesque melancholy and avoids anger leading people to the barricades.
Although, of course, the phrases about not-so-rosy America will not improve the moods of those who dream about a normal Poland.


photo: artist promo material

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