Jesus from the Capitol

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Ciśnień, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: 15 March (Friday) 2024, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 1 h 25 min.
tickets: 10 zł

script, dramaturgy: Robert Guła
direction: Julia Lizurek, Robert Guła

Hanka Wójciak (Renata – Capitol’s producer)
Robert Guła (Mezi – Capitol’s actor)
Sofia Herian (Tamara – cleaning lady)
Aleksander Kopański (Men aka John)
Magdalena Lamża (Lyricist)
Maja Różańska (Sara – Tamara’s daughter)
Anna Sitko (Joanna – Capitol’s actress)

Musicians: Adrianna Adka Kania, Adrianna Zborowska
Camera and vocal: Agata Maziarz

PPA production: Grażyna Górka

In this quasi-morality play about community, love, xenophobia and revenge, religious symbolism intertwines with the randomness of the protagonist’s fate.

Who is he: a wronged refugee, an outcast, a victim, a pretender, a mysterious seducer, a lover, a healer or perhaps the Messiah? Found in the foyer, he will transform the life of the Capitol Musical Theatre. His story is told through folk songs from around the world, led by the Slavic expression of the hurdy-gurdy.

graphics: Robert Guła in cooperation with AI

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