Human Myths and Stories

venue: Academy of Performing Arts, Black Stage, ul. Braniborska 59
date: 21 March (Thursday) 2024, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 1h 30 min.
tickets: 10 zł

Direction and script coordination: Karol Bijata and Natalia Dudziak
Music direction: Natalia Dudziak
Script/preliminary staging: Artificial Intelligence
Music: Artificial Intelligence in coordination with: Szymon Kępczyński, Krystian Grzegorzewski, Bartosz Matuszewski.
Set design/graphics: Artificial Intelligence in coordination with Kacper Scheffler.
Visualizations/ mapping: Kacper Scheffler

Olga Mleczko, Jagoda Zimała, Michał Skiba, Dominika Banaszek, Katarzyna Gąsior, Zofia Kalisz, Klaudiusz Kawka
Special guest: Gugas

PPA production: Grażyna Górka

Aphex Twin, aka Richard D. James, released an album called “Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2” in 2015. The concept behind the album was to experiment with computer control of acoustic instruments to create abstract and unconventional sounds. James used the computer to control and modify traditional acoustic instruments, such as piano and drums, to create unique and often surreal sound compositions. This album exemplifies his experimental approach to electronic music. – It is a phrase written by ChatGPT during the creation of the material for the show and, in a way, a starting point. It also allows the artists to understand what happened in the project, where the written text escalated into a metaphysical dialogue between the AI and itself.

What can a dialogue with an artificial intelligence lead to when we ask it to write a stage text based on Aristotle’s “Poetics”? What happens when a human and an AI talk about this project? We have created a performance based on the decisions of the algorithms, in which every compositional aspect, i.e. the text structure, the imagery, and the musicality, comes directly from the artificial intelligence and its answers.

In this way, we become less the authors of the performance and more the coordinators and stage managers of the artificial intelligence.

fot. Marta Bratuś

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