venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Ciśnień, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Sunday, 26 March, 16:00
duration: 1 h, no intermission
tickets: 25 PLN

A choir of people with intellectual disabilities sings the compositions of Marcel Baliński. Improvisation is not excluded!

direction, conducting, musical direction: Marcel Baliński, directors: Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska, Jakub Dylewski, chorus director: Grażyna Walkowska, lyrics: Julia Kobusińska, Jakub Gutkowski, Magdalena Koleśnik, Bartosz Bielenia, Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska, Marcel Baliński

choir members: Małgorzata Sidoszewska, Piotr Zmysłowski, Agnieszka Kijo, Wiktor Swaczyna, Alicja Grzelak, Radosław Dąbek, Adela Balińska, Remigiusz Rutkowski, Magdalena Koleśnik, Maciej Rybowski, Bartosz Bielenia, Tomasz Wasiak, Grażyna Walkowska

Rafał Różalski: double bass, Bartosz Szablowski: percussion, Marcel Baliński: piano

production: Patrycja Wróbel

Is it better to write books about suffering or love? This is the question we will try to answer. Or rather, one of our choir members will.

We play about love, creating a unique form of understanding between us, unafraid of any means of expression. We don’t want to prove anything. We like to have fun.

We waltz and we are a leafy forest and we are not afraid of ceremonies. We invite you to a wedding where a gospel choir from America sings.

But there is always the possibility that something completely different will happen, so please don’t get too excited about this announcement.

Yours respectfully,

Marcel Baliński came up with the idea for WSPÓŁGŁOSY – a musical ensemble and choir made up of people with disabilities – three years ago, after recording a Christmas concert with a singing group from the occupational therapy workshop. As his sister’s greatest passion is singing, he decided to form a band for her and compose music for them.

WSPÓŁGŁOSY performed for the first time at the concert organised by Marcel Baliński and the Flap People Foundation in 2021. During rehearsals, however, it became clear that the members of the choir had enormous improvisational potential.

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