Tales of the Heart

venue: Firlej, ul. Grabiszyńska 56
date: 16 March (Saturday) 2024, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 1h
tickets: 10 zł

Anastazja Sosnowska, Dariusz Jackowski, Igor Tymiński

Leading vocal, vocal, singing crystal bowls, death whistle, gongs:
Anastazja Sosnowska
Vocal: Julia Ciszewska, Karolina Hozer
Voice: Igor Tymiński
Electronics, jericho trumpet, lap still, suona, technical support: Dariusz Jackowski
Drums, arrangements, orchestrations: Przemysław Michalak
Trumpet: Michał Kurda
Trombone: Piotr Szczepanek
Baritone saxophone: Franciszek Hajduk
Violin: Agata Gołoś
Double bass: Mikołaj Główczyński
Keybord instruments: Adam Koziński
Dance: Paulina Bagińska, Julia Palasik, Dominika Brodzińska Bardzo dziękuje za pomoc. Pozdrawiam Anastazja Sosnowska

Technical support: Anita Jackowska, Dariusz Jackowski.

PPA production: Grażyna Górka

It is the story of a female protagonist and her adventures in a magical world that is fascinatingly similar to ours. The authors ask where the grim continuity of events and the feeling of powerlessness will end and whether the current civilisations of the world are growing spiritually. Are they even able to draw a positive balance? What will free our hearts from fear and indifference?
The authors tackle the issues of exclusion, pride, cruelty and the usurpation of rights for misdeeds. “Tales of the Heart” is a musical-visual performance, a total experience involving all the senses. It shocks and heals the soul at the same time.
The show is composed for a non-obvious ensemble in which we will hear a voice, singing, playing bowls, gongs, a death whistle, electronics, cello, Jericho trumpet and trombone. It combines jazz, folk, and hardcore with white voice and ethnic instruments.

fot. Maciej Botor

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