venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Restauracja, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Sunday, 2 April, 22:00
duration: 1 h
tickets: 25 PLN

Igor Pudło plays after the concert

Feminist duo: vocals, bass, lyrics and bodies

SIKSA (Yiddish word, colloquially and contemptuously: “a young girl perceived as vulgar, inexperienced and immature”) is a feminist duet arranged for vocals, bass, lyrics and bodies.

Alex Freiheit, or half of SIKSA: “… and the She-Devil roars” is the title of a legend, a carol and a myth I wrote about myself. You will find no king conquering lands and no eagle in the nest here. The king is now the CEO of a corporation, and the eagle was rebranded to catch up. And here I am, the She-Devil, no matter where and when.

I’m no use to anyone, I’m nothing but trouble, and I can’t speak correctly. But when I do, all the pros and cons have a hell of a problem. And here is the Narrator, uncertain of her powers. I will dance with her so that she can create stories. Together, we will spin the stars and lands told by other authors.

We will change and fuck together and let them think they were better at it! From now on, the oldest herstorians would say that there was one whose tongue jumped to the rhythm!

Producers: Michał Litwiniec, Filip Surowiak

photo Natalia Ławska / Piotr Królikiewicz / Joren Poisquet / Melanie Marsman / Tori Ferenc

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