Renata Przemyk: Vera Is Me

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Big Stage, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Sunday, 26 March, 18:00
duration: 1 h 10 min, no intermission
tickets: 90 PLN

Original, ethnic songs of the artist, inspired by female power and nature

Renata Przemyk with the band
Rafał Szumny – sound, Robert Bernat – lighting

Renata Przemyk: an artist unchanging in her changeability, a tireless seeker of forms and styles who transforms the intimate into collective emotions.
Vera: a feminine name that means a reliable, fair and strong person.
“Vera is me”: a collection of thirteen pieces inspired by the true nature of a woman who draws her strength from the Earth, the water and the Moon.

Her story begins at conception, through her relationship with the world, man, woman, and daughter, to her conscious departure. Living in harmony with nature is both profound and simple. The hard themes can disenchant taboos when told in a simple way. The lyrics, based on folk songs – poetically phrased – resonate perfectly with the hurdy-gurdy and computer loops. Ethnic instruments get along with the achievements of modern technology, combining the old world with the new, as in every woman’s life. The traditional singing captures the woman’s strength and flies to the world and the sky.

– I was strongly inspired by Clarissa Pincola Estés’ “Women Who Run with the Wolves”, but also by my observations and experiences, says Renata Przemyk. – Vera is me, and you. You can’t win against nature, so get along with it!

Daga Gregorowicz and Dana Vynnytska from the band Dagadana will be special guestes during the concert. In their artistic work, they merge elements of Polish and Ukrainian culture through jazz, electronics and world music.

Renata Przemyk – vocal
Daga Gregorowicz – vocal
Dana Vynnytska – vocal
Piotr Wojtanowski – bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Tomasz Drozdek – percussion, wind and stringed instruments
Tomasz Waldowski – drums
Kamil Błoniarz – accordion
Jacek Bielecki – cello

#renataprzemyk @renataprzemykofficial

Photo: Anna Powierża

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