Hamlet on the Road

Radost Theatre in Brno

venue: Polish Theatre, Jerzy Grzegorzewski Stage, ul. Gabrieli Zapolskiej 3
date: 17 March (Sunday), 18:00
duration: 2h, 1 intermission
tickets: 70, 60, 50 zł
performance in Czech, with Polish surtitles
Age: 12+

Script: Pavel Trtílek, direction: Joanna Zdrada, set design: Pavel Hubička, music: Tomasz Lewandowski

HAMLET: František Herz
HORACIO: Radim Sasínek
OFÉLIE: Barbora Dobišarová
GERTRUDA: Kateřina Höferová
CLAUDIUS: Vilém Čapek
POLONIUS: Jiří Skovajsa
HROBNÍK: Martin Cenek
LAERTES: Gabriel Kulíšek

PPA production: Patrycja Wróbel

Divadlo Radost from Brno presents the world’s most famous drama as a comedy and funeral musical.

The travelling troupe of puppeteers tells the story of a Danish prince. “Will they become so immersed in their roles that they end up succumbing to the murderous madness of one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedies?” – the answer to this rhetorical question is blood-curdling. We all know how the existential adventure of the Danish prince and his family ended.

The play was performed at the 26th Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk two years ago. It won the Audience Award and the Polish Shakespeare Society Award for “the daringly told story with a wide range of theatrical means of expression and the depiction of the narrative’s power to conquer death; for transgressing the tragedy and comedy and disclosing the seamless boundary between art and life”.

“Hamlet” is the greatest tragedy of all time. It will frighten you, make you laugh and scream. You will experience a variety of theatrical and musical genres and see live actors and puppets.
You will learn everything you need to know about Hamlet, who has become an archetype and fashion icon, and in theatrical slang, dramatic actors are even called “Hamlets”. The Radost Theatre from Brno presents Hamlet in an unusual way: as a funeral musical inspired by the art of travelling puppeteers.

The story of Prince Hamlet, his murdered father and widowed mother Gertrude, who married the brother of the late King Claudius, the story of the ill-fated Ophelia, her brother Laertes and their father Polonius is told by a quirky travelling troupe of actors performing a puppet “Hamlet” in ancient translation. All the famous monologues are sung with musical accompaniment.

fot. Petr Chodura

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