Opla Stasiuk Trzaska

venue: Old Monastery, ul. Purkyniego 1
date: March 23, 2022, 21:00
duration: 60 min
tickets: 30 PLN
for viewers 18+

Cast: Andrzej Stasiuk, Mikołaj Trzaska, Piotr Bukowski, Hubert Zemler

Producer: Małgorzata Stobiecka

June 2020. Mikołaj Trzaska together with Piotrek Bukowski and Hubert Zemler check in The Hut – Andrzej Stasiuk’s summer cottage, on the mountain meadow of the Low Beskids. They set up drums, plug in a guitar, prepare a saxophone. Stasiuk takes an old prayer book in his hand.

Novena. A beat of the drums, the sound of a guitar, a melancholy saxophone. “Mystical Rose, Tower of David, House of Gold” … They are recording an album. Strong, defiant. Personal. About the child’s memory, uncomfortable thoughts and questions.

They sleep, eat, drink, and play in The Hut. And it is Midsummer Night, the intertwining of worlds, the sacred and the profane.

A powerful load of emotions and memories. Stasiuk’s return to childhood, to the questions posed by a young child. These memories, displayed several decades later, fuel the songs, forcing the authenticity of the experience into the crazy, looped sounds of the Polish countryside.

“Opla Stasiuk Trzaska” consists of six songs, three female and three male. It is a mixture of the Polish up-country spirit, reluctantly falling into the past, and the taboo subject – the femininity of Mary.


Photo Kamil Gubała

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