OFF: The Wolf. Alphabetisation Project

venue: Capitol Musical Theatre, Scena Ciśnień, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: Saturday, 25 March, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: ca 1 h, 15 min, no intermission
tickets: 10 PLN
for audiences 18+

An experimental musical attempt to touch DISTRUST

Aleksandra Bielewicz: script and direction, Michał Lis: music, Maria Bijak: stage movement, Stpn: costumes, Monika Winiarska: production, assistant
cast: Jowita Kropiewnicka, Tomasz Nosinski, Katarzyna Obidzińska, Kamil Studnicki
production: Grażyna Górka

“Cursed be the man who trusts others – it took a lot of loving, trusting and crying to get to this point.
The world is cursed.
The world needs a new alphabet.

It will be created by the famous guests of the Monopol Hotel in Wroclaw, who cannot leave a certain room… Apart from them, there is another person roaming the corridors, who always appears when the world is threatened by the end: La Loba, the Wolf Woman, who collects bones. “La Loba” is a parallel to many myths of the world in which the dead – including the dead world – are brought back to life. It is through sound that we are able to travel the furthest, so La Loba intones a song, a music to be infused into the ears of others.

Drawing on their own experiences and inspired by Angélica Liddell’s text ‘Cursed’, they will try to sing the truth of their own desires, to shout out the despair they are ashamed to shout, to breathe soul into everything that fights illness, that needs renewal.

But are they really the right people to create a new reality? Will the doomed characters be able to deal with their aggression towards the world, their anger and the cruelty that gives them a sense of security? Will they not be afraid to be sentimental, to believe that things can still change?

The performance will use excerpts from Angélica Liddell’s text “Cursed is a man who trusts others: the alphabet project”, translated by Joanna Gdowska Bomfim.

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Photo: Zuzanna Mazurek

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