OFF: Sońka, Reality Or Conjuring Thereof

venue: The National Academy of Theatre Arts, Black Stage, ul. Braniborska 59
date: March 18, 2022, 18:00, 21:00
duration: 60 min
tickets: 1 PLN
for audience 12+

Creators: Anna Chorostecka, Ewa Dobrucka, Ula Kobiela, Natalia Dudziak/Waldemar Maszynski, Andrzej Ogłoza, Dominik Smaruj, Ewelina Ciszewska

Producer: Grażyna Górka

Based on a text by Ignacy Karpowicz (“Sońka”), students of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław, as part of a research club, created a project that, due to lockdown, never had its premiere. Apart from the youngest in the group, Natalia Dudziak, who performs live music, the team are young actors after graduation. The artistic supervision of the project is provided by Ewelina Ciszewska, pantomime actress, dean of the Puppetry Department of the Wrocław Academy.

Our “Sońka” is a musical and physical study of a woman in the world of men. It describes functioning in a specific minority community, too.

Unfortunately, the situations described in Karpowicz’s work are getting closer to us recently. These are not only Podlasie legends from world wars. This is our reality, the battles we fight every day and despite which we still want to live and love.
Our own way.


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