OFF: How I Became A Nationalist

venue: The Academy of Theatre Arts, Black Stage, ul. Braniborska 59
date: Thursday, 30 March, 18:00 and 21:00
duration: 1 h, no intermission
tickets: 10 PLN
for audiences 18+

An opera, a musical, plush toys and the mechanisms of propaganda. A fable about life, decisions, choices and their consequences.

direction, text design: Karol Bijata, Zofia Pinkiewicz, music: Jakub Rezler, Hubert Walkowski, stage design: Jakub Fidler

cast: Michał Remiszewski, Karolina Warzecha, Magda Cygan, Mateusz Zilbert, Marcin Nowicki, Aleksandra Kołtuniak, Michał Skiba

producer: Grażyna Górka

A story about life, decisions, choices and consequences. The adorable stuffed animals, close to the hearts of adult children brought up on ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘The Muppet Show’, make the bitter pill easier to swallow.

– How easy is it to succumb to propaganda, to be seduced by certain schemes or ideologies that push us towards ever more radical acts? – ask the authors.

Let us stop time for a moment. Let’s look at the principles of the propaganda mechanism. The songs – the main narrative axis of the performance – will be created from fragments of “Mein Kampf”. Musically, we will oscillate between Wagnerian opera and musical classics. We will see how the packaging (the songs) sells the frightening content.


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