Młynarski sings Grzesiuk, or Life, Banjo, Letters and Songs

venue: The Capitol Musical Theater, Scena Ciśnień, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: March 24, 2022, 6.00 p.m. 18:00
duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
tickets: 40 PLN

Starring: Jan Emil Młynarski – vocal, banjo, Anna Bojara – saw, Julia Daniluk – guitar

If Stanisław Grzesiuk (1918-1963) had not survived the war – and had not recorded several dozen old Warsaw songs, monologues and personal stories, not to mention the autobiografical books – there would have been a void, a cascade of unanswered questions, a gap not to be filled. Nobody would learn the melody of the Czerniaków dialect anymore.

The leader of the Warsaw Dance Combo, singing Grzesiuk, pays tribute to the cultural heritage of the Polish capital: not the official, white and red, tormented and sanctified, but to the one that originated and survived in the streets, where you have to keep your eyes on the back of your head.

Młynarski does not imitate – who would want or dare? – the famous schnapps-baritone. Instead, he tells about the Grzesiuk’s life and reads letters from Polish Radio listeners that came to the author of “Barefoot, but in spurs” when he ran his own program in the 1950s.
And when he sings, he accompanies himself on the original “wood”, the restored banjo of Mr Staszek with Mickey Mouse on a leather membrane.


Photo Kobas Laksa

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