Klaipeda Drama Theatre: Between Lena’s Legs, or Death of the Virgin after Michelangelo da Caravaggio

venue: The Capitol Musical Theatre, Duża Scena, ul. Piłsudskiego 67
date: March 18, 2022, 19:00
duration: 2 h 20 min, no intermission
tickets: 90, 70, 60 PLN
Polish surtitles
for audience 18+

Playwright, director, scenographer, and costume designer: Agata Duda-Gracz, lighting designer Katarzyna Łuszczyk, choreographer Tomasz Wesołowski, composer Łukasz Wójcik, director’s assistant Marius Pažereckas

Cast: Liudas Vyšniauskas, Cezary Studniak, Maciej Maciejewski, Bartosz Roch Nowicki, Jonas Viršilas, Justina Vanžodytė, Kamilė Andriuškaitė, Eglė Jackaitė, Alina Mikitavičiūtė, Regina Šaltenytė, Samanta Pinaitytė, Sigutė Gaudušytė, Renata Idzelytė, Simona Šakinytė, Toma Gailiutė, Rimantas Pelakauskas, Donatas Švirėnas, Vaidas Jočys, Karolis Maiskis, Linas Lukošius.

and Rytis Veverskis, Alius Veverskis, Mantvydas Poškus, Lukas Feser, Darius Matevičius, Romualdas Matulionis, Linas Bagdonas, Antanas Razgauskis

Producer: Marta Dzwonkowska

The play refers to the biography and creations of the Baroque period Italian painter Caravaggio. It discusses the relationship between sin and holiness which, contrary to how it may seem, is by no means unambiguous. Caravaggio’s paintings on religious topics are acclaimed as being genius, they evoke faith. Although Caravaggio himself, having earned fame among his peers not only for his paintings but shocking violence as well, was wasting his life, not neglecting to commit any conceivable sin. He was into shadows more than into light – both in his paintings and his life. A big sinner and a saint at the same time, to whom painting was the only true existence – his shelter for the soul. Is such an untraditional asceticism possible? Open brutality and divine beauty – how does that coexist? What secret connections bind the utmost evil and the supreme good?


Fot. D. Matvejev

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