Ben Caplan: Hold On!

venue: Impart Centrum, ul. Piłsudskiego 19
date: 19 March (Tuesday) 2024, 19:00
duration: 1 h 15 min
tickets: 80 zł

Ben Caplan, Graham Scott, Andy Wiseman, Peter Lutek

Warnings: profanity, very loud sounds

PPA production: Marta Dzwonkowska

The bearded and hairy Canadian sings like he looks: his hipster folk draws its strength from the total chill. That’s how you need to take reality if you don’t want to go mad.
Times are hard, as they have been for centuries, and Ben Caplan deals with serious issues. His work – be it theatre or songwriting – is a pot filled with the substantial stuff.

The communicative power of his songs comes, as always in such cases, from the hard work that goes into their development, recording and presentation: the arrangements are rich and varied, invoking many cultural codes (Ashkenazi Jews, brave Appalachian mountaineers, wandering bluesmen, urban bards), and the performance is bold, calculated for powerful stage effect.

These songs – sung and sometimes shouted – are about love, loneliness and the History that breaks lives. And about life, that sometimes makes sense. They are everyone’s songs – we all sing them, even if only in front of the mirror.

After several years, the artist returns to Wrocław with his new songs written for a new album scheduled to come out in 2025.

fot. Jamie Kronick

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