Song Interpretation Contest

Actually, the history of the Stage Songs Review began with a singing contest. For many years the contest was just for Polish singers and actors. From 2010 on it has become an international event: the first foreign artist to be awarded with Grand Prix was Zvezdana Novaković from Slovenia, daringly performing songs by Kurt Schwitters and Georgios Aperghis.

The Contest consists of three stages. In the first two stages, the performers are assessed by the Artistic Council, in the Finale – by the Jury.

  • Stage I – auditions without an audience
  • Stage II – performance with Jury and the audience
  • Stage III – the Finale

Awards in the Contest

  • 3 thousand zlotys for each participant in the Competition qualified for the Finale
  • Grand Prix – Golden Toucan statuette and 25 thousand zlotys
  • Toucan of Journalists statuette
  • Toucan of Audience statuette
  • The Society of Authors ZAiKS award for the best performance of a Polish song – 10 thousand zlotys
  • award of the Polish-German Polonica Cultural Association – 4 thousand zlotys with an invitation to participate in the Rock & Chanson Festival in Cologne
  • award of the Polish Song Museum in Opole – 50 hours of a recording session in the Recording Studio (including recording, mix and mastering)
  • Radio RAM award
  • DCF award




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